Carl Sandburg Chess Awards

Each year, Carl Sandburg continually competes for the conference title as well as the state title. For as far back as I remember, our team has been competitive under the successful coaching of Mr. Godfrey and Mr. Latortue. A committee of chess team members was picked to select the winners of these awards. Some were selected for this year, but the ones for the previous years were selected this year as well. The selection committee consisted of Chess Body President (Sean Monahan), alumni (Ryan Rabbe), and former player (Brian Bramlett). None of these awards have prizes or trophies, but some of them are serious and some are in jest. Serious awards are denoted by a *, while humorous awards are denoted by a ()

  • Chess Awards 1997 -- 1998

  • Chess Awards 1998 -- 1999

  • Chess Awards 1999-2000